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Rare & Unique

One of our passions at Roger’s Piano is the acquisition and sale of one of a kind pianos. These are some of the very finest, unique, and rare pianos to be found in the U.S., and in some case, in the world.

What makes these pianos rare or unique?  Some of these pianos are made with rare wood such as bubinga, rosewood, etc. while others are of rare models.  Some pianos have intricate hand painted inlays which took many highly skilled craftsman hours to complete.  We also make suggestions to manufacturers for which we may receive the very first piano made with the new finish.  Finally, several of our manufacturers offer truly exotic pianos that are normally not available except through custom orders.

At Roger’s Piano, we take huge pride in our collection of quality rare and unique pianos.  Check out our collection and see them for yourself!

Pianos Recommended for Rare and Unique:

August Förster 190 Grand Piano
Available for Custom Order

August Förster is one of the premier German piano manufacturers. Making ...

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Steinway Model O Grand Piano

The 5’10 1/2″ Steinway O was built in the Steinway ...

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Bosendorfer 200
Bösendorfer Model 200 Grand Piano

Bösendorfer of Vienna, Austria has been known for nearly 200 ...

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Steinway Model B Grand Piano

1982 Hamburg Semi Concert Grand Piano with the famous European ...

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Perzina Art Case Grand

One of the most beautiful looking and sounding pianos built ...

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Fazioli F212 Semi Concert Grand Piano

The moment you hear the first note sing from the ...

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Schulze Pollmann Professional Upright

Hand made in Italy, the Schulze Pollmann pianos are known ...

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Schulze Pollmann 47″ Studio

This hand made Italian piano has a feathered front and ...

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Steinway Model L Grand Piano

This is a beautiful NY Steinway Model L grand piano. ...

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Shigeru Kawai SK3
Shigeru Kawai SK-3 – Conservatory Grand

The SK-3 offers an extraordinary blend of superb touch and ...

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Shigeru Kawai SK-2
Shigeru Kawai SK-2 – Classic Grand

As a 5’11” grand piano, the SK-2 offers the elegant ...

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Bluthner Model 2
Blüthner Model 2

Made in 1999, this beautiful piano is in like new ...

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Steinway L
Steinway Model L Grand Piano

Come play this rare,  AMERICAN WALNUT high polish vintage 1972 ...

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