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First Time Buyers

At Roger’s Piano, we understand piano shopping can be confusing and sometimes frustrating for most first time piano buyers.  We often find buyers who have done so much research to the point where they become paralyzed by the vast amount of information they found which can lead to delays in finding the right pianos for themselves.  We have also seen buyers purchasing a piano from Craigslist only to find out that their investment did not have the quality or workmanship to last the amount of time they had hoped for.

For these very reasons, Roger’s Piano has over the last 33 years proven to provide the best shopping experience.  We believe in providing as much information as possible to educate customers in order for them to make the right decision.  For example, are you aware that there are currently over 70 active piano makers in the world?  Did you know that while a piano may bear the name of a well known maker, they are made by another manufacturer?  We are here and are happy to discuss these points so you can truly select a piano best for your playing and your budget.

Roger’s Piano represents multiple fine lines of consumer quality pianos in order to give the first time buyer the most choices as each piano maker has unique skills in building pianos.  With a huge inventory, it is not a surprise that many first time buyers or novice players choose Roger’s Piano to purchase their piano.

Pianos Recommended for First Time Buyers:

Casio PX 160 Digital Piano for Sale
Casio Digital Piano PX 160

Casio Digital piano PX 160 for sale is available in ...

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Pearl River EU122 Professional Upright Piano

This 48″ Pearl River EU122 is the perfect professional upright ...

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The 45" Pearl River UP-115 Studio Upright Piano
Pearl River UP115 Studio Upright Piano

The 45″ Pearl River UP-115 studio upright piano | For ...

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Ritmüller UH121R Professional Upright Piano

UH 121R  |  48″ Cabriole Leg Studio Upright Piano Ritmuller ...

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Stahler Professional Upright

Power and beauty is what this piano is all about! ...

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Ritmüller GH170R Baby Grand Piano

This 5’7″ Baby Grand Pianois  manufactured with traditional European craftsmanship ...

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Yamaha U1 Upright Piano

Many customers come to us seeking used pianos. This piano ...

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Pearl River UP108 Contemporary Console Piano

At 42″ with a sleek design with a nice full ...

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Ritmüller GH160R Baby Grand Piano

The Ritmuller GH160R is perhaps the warmest sounding 5’3″ piano ...

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Fridolin Upright Piano for Sale in MA
Fridolin F121

Fridolin Upright piano for sale available in our piano showroom ...

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Samick Ebony Neo Digital

Typically, you listen to the music you play with your ...

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Perzina Art Case Grand

One of the most beautiful looking and sounding pianos built ...

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Schimmel I115 White Studio Piano

The 45″ International Model by Schimmel is one of the ...

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Pearl River Parlor Grand Piano | GP170
Pearl River GP170 Parlor Grand Piano

At 5’8” the Pearl River Parlor Grand Piano GP170 brings the ...

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Weber 5’0″ Baby Grand

This Weber WG150 Brown Mahogany Polish was made by Young ...

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Estonia Baby Grand Piano for Sale in MA
Estonia 5’6″ Baby Grand Piano

Roger’s Piano has both new pianos, used pianos for sale, ...

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Yamaha DU1A Disklavier Upright

Unlike most Yamaha pianos, this piano is in walnut finish. ...

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Baldwin Baby Grand Piano For Sale
Baldwin Baby Grand Piano BP152

Baldwin Baby Grand Piano BP152 represents the world-class tone and ...

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Baldwin Grand Piano for Sale in MA
Baldwin BP165 Grand Piano

Baldwin Grand Piano for sale in MA is available in ...

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Baldwin Hamilton Traditional Piano
Baldwin Hamilton Traditional Studio

This Baldwin Hamilton Traditional Piano 45″ has a wonderful touch ...

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Kawai K15 Upright Piano in Massachusetts
Kawai K15 Upright Piano

The Kawai K15 upright piano is a 43″ continental design ...

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Kawai UST9 Institutional Studio Piano
Kawai UST9 Studio Piano

The Kawai UST9 Studio Piano is one of the most ...

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Kawai K400 Professional Upright Piano

The uniquely practical 48″ Kawai K400 Professional Piano features a ...

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Kawai Studio Upright Piano | K200
Kawai K200 Studio Upright Piano

Kawai Studio Upright Piano, model K200, is 45″ in height ...

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Casio Hybrid Piano in Massachusetts
Casio GP-300 Hybrid Piano

Casio Hybrid Piano in Massachusetts is available in our piano ...

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Kawai Designer Studio Pianos | Model 907
Kawai Designer Studio Pianos, model 907

Kawai Designer Studio Pianos, model 907 offers the discerning pianist ...

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Kawai Baby Grand Piano GX1 in Massachusetts
Kawai GX1 Baby Grand Piano

Kawai Baby Grand piano in Massachusetts, model GX1 is available ...

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Kawai GX2 Grand Piano in Massachusetts
Kawai GX2 Grand Piano

Kawai GX2 Grand Piano in Massachusetts available in our piano ...

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Kawai GX3 Grand Piano in Massachusetts
Kawai GX3 Grand Piano

Kawai GX3 Grand Piano impresses with a dignified elegance and ...

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Kawai CA97 Hybrid Piano for Sale
Kawai CA97 Hybrid Piano

The Kawai CA97 Hybrid Piano is the ultimate piano experience ...

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Kawai CP1 Digital Piano in Massachusetts
Kawai CP1 Digital Grand Piano

Kawai CP1 Digital Grand Piano Kawai CP1 Digital piano in ...

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Kawai CP2 Digital Piano in Massachusetts
Kawai CP2 Digital Piano

Kawai CP2 Digital Piano With the same features as the ...

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Kawai Digital Piano in Massachusetts
Kawai CP3 Digital Piano

Kawai CP3 Digital Piano Kawai digital piano in Massachusetts is ...

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Kawai GL-10
Kawai GL-10 (5′) Baby Grand

Kawai GL-10 The Kawai GL-10 has added new features that ...

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Kawai CN25
Kawai CN27

Kawai’s CN27 The Kawai CN27 is the smaller and economical ...

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Kawai CN35
Kawai CN37

Kawai CN37 The Kawai CN37 offers a wide range of ...

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Ritmüller RB
Ritmüller RB

Ritmüller RB – Performance Upright The Ritmüller RB is well ...

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Steinway B
Steinway Model B Grand Piano

Many pianists consider the Model B the topmost desirable Steinway ...

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Bechstein Grand Piano in Massachusetts
C. Bechstein Grand Piano Model B

Bechstein Grand Piano in Massachusetts available for sale in our ...

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Steinway L
Steinway Model L Grand Piano

Come play this rare,  AMERICAN WALNUT high polish vintage 1972 ...

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Bernhard Steiner Grand Piano for Sale
Bernhard Steiner Grand Piano

Bernhard Steiner Grand Piano Bernhard Steiner Grand Piano for sale ...

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Perzina Upright Piano | Model GP-122
Perzina GP-122

Perzina Upright piano is handcrafted using 90% European components, including ...

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Schimmel Upright Piano
Schimmel 130T Upright Piano

Schimmel is the most awarded German piano manufacturer. Every piano ...

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