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The Three P’s

People, Policies and Pianos

So often we hear that a company has a “friendly” and “knowledgeable” staff.  It is not that we aren’t friendly or knowledgeable, but more so, we are passionate and educated in and about all things piano. Whether you are selecting your first piano for your home or the “dream come true” piano, we spend as much time as needed to help you select the right piano. We will go over details from the country of origin, scale design, materials, the manufacture’s place in history, as well as how a piano compares to another, to help you make the best decision.  No detail is too small to cover with our customers and nothing makes us happier than knowing that together, we have found the perfect piano for their needs.

Since the journey of music is life long, we have created policies to help you navigate your way down this path as you feel best.  Our full trade up policies give you the opportunity to select a piano fitting your current situation. When you are ready to move to a different and better piano in the future, you can trade in your existing piano based on the original piano price paid.  Your piano purchase is an investment in our company. We want to help you protect your investment.

But most importantly, when you are ready to trade up, what can you trade up to?

We believe that there is not one manufacturer who can provide the perfect piano for everyone at every level. We carefully select over two hundred pianos from makers around the world to offer the depth of inventory to match as many pianists with the most appropriate pianos for their needs.  Our selections include pianos made in different facilities in Asia and the absolute highest quality handcrafted pianos from some of the oldest and newest companies in Europe. We have traveled the world to visit these factories and to find the best products with value. Our technicians have the experience to work with a great array of pianos. It is important, as passionate educators, to understand what has gone into every piano and how each instrument has been made. We understand that everyone is different just like Fazioli, the Italian manufacturer, when they answered our question why such an esteemed piano company does not provide endorsement for artists.  Their response was this, “Fazioli refuses to impose limitations on musical artists, convinced that they should have the freedom to choose which instrument to play, based purely on the belief that it is the best vehicle to express their talent.  For this reason, Fazioli has always been opposed to signing exclusivity contracts with artists, preferring instead to establish reciprocal partnerships for the sake of upholding artistic standards, which should always take precedence over commercial considerations.” This is why at Roger’s Piano, you will find the widest range of pianos than any other showroom in New England.

People, Policies and Pianos.  That’s how and why we have helped thousands of people fine the right instrument for their needs.