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Piano Sales Reviews in Boston

Roger and Carol helped me find the perfect piano bench to go with my Baldwin baby grand. The original owner had refinished the piano in a hard to find light wood veneer, and they were able to locate a bench that was a near perfect match, the exact style I was looking for, and sanded the finish to replicate the sheen of my piano. I took my music stand into the shop for them to use as an example, and Roger tweaked the music stand prop free of charge so that it now meets up with proper alignment. The customer service was impeccable, with Carol corresponding immediately in email to swap photos to start the process, and the bench was available in less than a week from placing my order. And, despite how busy they are with customers and orders, both of them made ample time to talk with me and show me around the store – Carol even compiled a list of the best teachers and tuners near me. Roger  appeased the musician – engineer in me by demoing and explaining his player piano installation, which is amazing!  Roger’s is the only piano shop for me!

JLR – Hingham, MA

Roger is very informative. He knows his pianos. He gave me the best at what I could afford.

A pleasure to do business with. I am absolutely satisfied with the quality of the piano and the price I paid. The quality of info was great. After stopping at Roger’s a few times, I told my husband “This guy knows his pianos. I want to get our piano here!”   Thank you, Roger.

A. L., Hanover, MA

22 years ago I bought a Kimball console piano from you. Throughout the past 22 years I have enjoyed doing business with you in every regard, whether it was your tuning of my piano or selling me one of your products. You are always professional, informative and gracious. You have the most knowledge about pianos of anyone I know in the New England area. I think this is due to the fact that you love what you do.

It is so rare in this day and age to find someone who loves selling their product, believes in their merchandise and can demonstrate and inform the buyer about the pianos’ qualities and background.

You have a depth of knowledge not only about pianos but also about Massachusetts  piano manufacturing history and the knowledge of where the piano manufacturing business is going on an international level.

Buying a piano is not a small purchase as the piano in the home usually becomes a fixed object which need not get replaced like so many other pieces of furniture or appliances. You have a great consideration for the buyer’s needs and have dealt accordingly over the past three decades. Hopefully, you will be around Massachusetts for decades to come.

B.M., Cohasset , MA

It is hard to believe how fast time goes by, but around 16 years ago we bought a new home in Norwell.  At that time we were interested in purchasing a player baby grand piano.  As luck would have it, you told us that you were restoring a 1930′s vintage Steinway.  We immediately fell in love with the idea of acquiring such a prestigious piano and, to our astonishment; you were also able to install a digital player into her.

As she was taking shape, you would send us pictures of her progress.  It wasn’t long after that, that you called us up and we heard the most incredible sounding piano playing in the background.  How exciting it was to hear her and then, a short time later, to have actually have her adorning our living room.  To celebrate her arrival we had a party in her honor.  I remember the neighbors thinking we were a professional band and thought we sounded wonderful.

Fast forward to the beginning of September 2011.  We now have her comfortably settled in our new home in Ocala, Florida.  As soon as possible after the move, we once again put her into service. What a wonderful way to meet your new neighbors and, after all these years, her rich vibrant music never fails to amaze us.

Music is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

Bob and Joanne T.

Our happy customer’s testimonials

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Before shopping at Roger’s, I did play a number of pianos. I went to a Kawai dealer in Burlington, VT; I went to White River Junction, VT, where I played several Yamahas and Steinways; and I went to some private homes. I was looking for a specific touch and tone, and the Schimmel was exactly what I wanted. I am very happy with the quality of my new piano. My regular technician was quite impressed with the work that was done on the piano while it was at Roger’s. Also, my piano was at Roger’s on consignment, and I think Roger did help me to get a fair price.

Buying a piano is very complicated: there are so many options and every piano is different.  I felt that Roger was very informative but also gave me time on my own to play all of his pianos and to make my own choice. I loved the Schimmel the minute I played it. Roger made all of the arrangements to have the piano moved and called me throughout the process to makes sure things were going smoothly, which they did. I would definitely recommend Roger’s Piano to anyone who is searching for their perfect piano.

C.H. , Hanover, NH
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