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Yamaha U1 Upright Piano


Dimensions: Height: 48 Available Finish(es): Ebony Polish
Condition: Factory Refurbished, Pre-Owned
This piano is available in our showroom.

Many customers come to us seeking used pianos.

This piano has been refurbished by a factory* specializing in used Japanese pianos. It plays better than new.

Come find out why some people seek Yamaha U1 pianos built in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Play and hear it yourself to understand why people would willingly accept a Yamaha piano from those time periods, rather than purchase a new Yamaha piano.

*Yamaha Corporation continually takes time and effort to prevent piano stores like Roger’s Piano from promoting used and refurbished Yamaha pianos. While these pianos are refurbished at a factory, Yamaha has demanded that they are not called “factory refurbished” so to protect their efforts to sell and promote brand new pianos. No other manufacturers in the world take this aggressive approach. Even with this adversity, Roger’s Piano will continue to demonstrate pianos based on the piano’s own merits and match them with our customers’ preferences. We do not and have not ever hide a piano’s true quality based on a manufacturer’s demand.

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