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Shigeru Kawai SK-2 – Classic Grand

Shigeru Kawai SK-2


Dimensions: Length: 5'11
Style: Grand
Available Finish(es): Ebony Polish
Condition: New
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As a 5’11” grand piano, the SK-2 offers the elegant profile of a classic grand with a richness of tone that is unmatched by other pianos in its class.

Owners of Shigeru Kawai pianos will receive an extraordinary visit from one of Kawai’s elite Master Piano Artisans within the first year of ownership. During this visit, the owner of one of these rare pianos will receive a complete concert-level regulation, voicing and tuning as Kawai’s gift to those who have selected the Premier Piano of Japan.

Special features of the Shigeru Kawai pianos include:

Kigarashi Premium Aged Soundboards


The custom-tapered soundboard in a Shigeru piano is made exclusively from the finest spruce. Each soundboard is aged using the traditional kigarashi process, which uses only the forces of time and nature to allow the wood to attain a state of natural balance. The rich tonal quality of Shigeru pianos is derived from this lengthy and painstaking process.

Shiko Seion Hammers

(shkō say-own’)

Shiko Seion hammers are meticulously hand-pressed without the application of heat and carefully voiced without artificial hardeners to ensure outstanding dynamic response and expression. The Master Piano Artisans oversee their formation from beginning to end.

Konsei Katagi Rim

(kōn’-say kah-tah’-gē)

A blend of distinctive hardwoods is used to achieve an ideal balance of tone. The synergy of structurally divergent hardwoods produces a powerful, well-rounded richness of tone that is the hallmark of the Shigeru piano.

Stretcher Over-Lap Integrated Design

(SOLID Construction)

Stretcher Over-Lap Integrated Design (SOLID) creates an exceptionally rigid foundation to support string tension. With SOLID construction, the pinblock is hand-fitted to the plate. The pinblock and over-lapping stretcher bar are then integrated into a single structure and solidly anchored to the rim. The resulting framework possesses outstanding strength and rigidity to ensure stable tuning and powerful tone.

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