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Kawai UST9 Studio Piano

Kawai UST9 Institutional Studio Piano


Style: Upright
Available Finish(es): Ebony Satin, Mahogany Satin, Oak Satin, Walnut Satin
Condition: New
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The Kawai UST9 Studio Piano is one of the most popular institutional 46″ pianos built today

This piano rivals every other studio piano offered worldwide.  The UST9 is a combination of durable construction and exceptional components,  bringing it to the highest quality level in both construction and sound.

Kawai’s master craftsmen designed this piano to not only meet the most demanding institutional requirements but to exceed their expectations.

This 46″ Studio Piano offers the world’s most advanced upright piano action and design enhancements, setting it apart from any other institutional piano. Experience the UST-9 and see why it is the ultimate blend of performance and durability

Kawai Institutional Piano | UST9 Studio Piano’s Features:

  • Millennium II Action™ with Carbon Fiber
  • Sturdy Back Assembly for Stability
  • Angled Music Rack for Support
  • Reinforced Bench for Durability
  • Double Wheel Casters
  • Lid and Fallboard Locks

Specifications of Kawai UST9 Institutional Studio Piano:

  • Dimensions: 46″ (W) x 25″ (D) x 46″ (H)
  • Weight: 477 lbs.
  • #1 String: 45″
  • Soundboard: Solid Spruce
  • Ribs: 9
  • Hammers: Underfelted
  • Finishes: Oak Satin, Walnut Satin, Cherry Satin, Satin Eb

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