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I came into Roger’s Piano because I had heard that if you wanted to purchase an excellent piano, a quality piano, you should go to Roger’s.  I went into his shop as a Steinway snob and all I was interested in were what Steinways he had.  He asked why I was so fixated on a Steinway, and I explained that I was a classical music major in college and had fallen in love with my professor’s which was a Steinway.  Roger smiled and then spent approximately two hours educating me on how a Steinway is made and how other great pianos from Europe were made.  He explained the similarities and the differences, which always led to better quality.  In the end I purchased a 6’1” Bohemia in ebony.   When I sat down to play the piano, with only the slightest touch this beautiful milky sound came forth and it brought me back to the time when I played my professor’s piano.

Roger is one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever met that truly understands and appreciates the delicacy and intricacies involved in mastering the art of creating a piano.

- T.S., Hopkinton , MA

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