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I did a lot of shopping on line and also went to a few additional dealers looking at both new and used pianos. I was very close to purchasing a used Steinway M 1980 that had been recommended by my long time piano technician.

Roger is very knowledgeable and took over an hour to review the fine inner working of the piano from the components out.  He played and allowed me to play many of the pianos in his show room and we eventually focused in on a Heintzman 5’6” model 168 which was in the area of what I was ready to spend. Roger’s technicians had done some amazing work getting this pianos balanced key wait to an amazing point and it was just a pleasure to play. The touch and tone were perfect for what I was looking for in my piano. Not being very familiar with the name I started my additional on line research on the Heintzman website and moved from there into blogs, Piano Buying Guides, etc. And finally to the point of emailing Judith Cohen who is a world renowned pianist. I had found a review from her on a different Heintzman model and wanted to get a personal opinion. She emailed me back and said that she felt that the Heintzman was a very good piano and this was prior to all of the additional great work that Roger and his technicians perform on each piano to really tune it in. Next I brought my 14 year old daughter in to play the piano and once she played her first chord I could tell by her smile that this was the piano we were taking home. Finally I brought my piano tech in the go through the piano and with his approval on a very quality piece, I was ready to purchase. Entirely satisfied with the purchase thus far. We had the piano delivered at 1:00 in the afternoon on a Sunday and played for a solid 6 hours straight. Pieces that we had a difficult time playing on our old piano were effortlessly played on the Heintzman. The pricing was tremendous compared to some other models out there that I do not feel had the quality of our new Heintzman. Roger made the process far less stressful than I thought and truly gave me a appreciation of the piano as an instrument as well as an investment. I can tell that we will have thousands of hours of enjoyment on our new Heintzman and that Roger now has a customer for life.            

- R.B. Plympton MA purchased Heintzman Grand with customized action

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