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I have spent my entire life window shopping for pianos.  As a child I grew up with two stand up pianos in my home and when I moved out on my own to create my own home I always wondered what I would have to do in order to have a piano of my own in my house.

In fact, I’ve been in to the Steinert store (Steinway dealership) in Boston and Steinway Hall in Manhattan so many times that several members of staff know me by name.  The appeal of high, high end pianos is nice but its not the right fit for me; I’m not performing at Carnegie Hall anytime soon and my wife would kill me if instead of a second home I dropped our down payment and life savings in to a brand new 9 foot Bosendorfer.

That’s why I needed more of pragmatic selection and Roger has it.  When I do plan on dropping 6 digits on 88 keys, I will go right back to Roger’s inventory; he provided amazing quality, very ,very personalized customer service, and his selection of pianos from standups to full grands was very impressive.  Included in the price were shipping, tuning, and taxes so our bottom line price was exactly that – no surprises, no tricks.

Simply put I got a great piano at a great price.  One very important transaction done very much right.

- G.S. , Plymouth, MA

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