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I shopped at Boston Piano and Organ in Natick (Yamaha Dealer), and Steinert & Sons in Boston (Steinway dealer). We fell in love with the tone of the August Forstergrand piano at Roger’s Piano.  And it is just so gorgeous! We are so satisfied with the touch and tone of the August Forster.  Our August Forster has become a member of the family!  At the time we purchase it, although we feel we paid a very fair price, it seemed extravagant for two kids who could not even reach the pedals and were just starting to play.

However, eight years later, they have grown into the piano and can really do it justice.  I do think that playing on such a lovely instrument from an early age has made a huge difference in the level of commitment they have had year after year.  They know that when they put the top up, they have to play their very best!  The downside is that they don’t like to play on any other piano.  When their friends come over, everyone wants to play our piano so we are lucky to hear a lot of talented young musicians! When we came into the store, we had our hearts set on buying a Steinway.  However, Roger had us play several different pianos.

We all agreed that we really preferred the sound and touch of the Forster piano even though we were previously unfamiliar with the name.  We’ve never regretted that choice as it has proved to be the perfect match for our family!

- Carol and Joe , Norwell , MA

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