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Before shopping at Roger’s, I did play a number of pianos. I went to a Kawai dealer in Burlington, VT; I went to White River Junction, VT, where I played several Yamahas and Steinways; and I went to some private homes. I was looking for a specific touch and tone, and the Schimmel was exactly what I wanted. I am very happy with the quality of my new piano. My regular technician was quite impressed with the work that was done on the piano while it was at Roger’s. Also, my piano was at Roger’s on consignment, and I think Roger did help me to get a fair price.

Buying a piano is very complicated: there are so many options and every piano is different.  I felt that Roger was very informative but also gave me time on my own to play all of his pianos and to make my own choice. I loved the Schimmel the minute I played it. Roger made all of the arrangements to have the piano moved and called me throughout the process to makes sure things were going smoothly, which they did. I would definitely recommend Roger’s Piano to anyone who is searching for their perfect piano.

- C.H. , Hanover, NH

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