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It is hard to believe how fast time goes by, but around 16 years ago we bought a new home in Norwell.  At that time we were interested in purchasing a player baby grand piano.  As luck would have it, you told us that you were restoring a 1930′s vintage Steinway.  We immediately fell in love with the idea of acquiring such a prestigious piano and, to our astonishment; you were also able to install a digital player into her.

As she was taking shape, you would send us pictures of her progress.  It wasn’t long after that, that you called us up and we heard the most incredible sounding piano playing in the background.  How exciting it was to hear her and then, a short time later, to have actually have her adorning our living room.  To celebrate her arrival we had a party in her honor.  I remember the neighbors thinking we were a professional band and thought we sounded wonderful.

Fast forward to the beginning of September 2011.  We now have her comfortably settled in our new home in Ocala, Florida.  As soon as possible after the move, we once again put her into service. What a wonderful way to meet your new neighbors and, after all these years, her rich vibrant music never fails to amaze us.

Music is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

- Bob and Joanne T.

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