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Upright Pianos

Pearl River EU122 Professional Upright Piano

This 48″ Pearl River EU122 is the perfect professional upright ...

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The 45" Pearl River UP-115 Studio Upright Piano
Pearl River UP115 Studio Upright Piano

The 45″ Pearl River UP-115 studio upright piano | For ...

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Ritmüller UH121R Professional Upright Piano

UH 121R  |  48″ Cabriole Leg Studio Upright Piano Ritmuller ...

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Schimmel Studio Upright Piano | Walnut Polish
Schimmel Studio Upright

With the exquisite inlaid Pyramid mahogany panels, this Schimmel upright ...

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Schimmel Studio Piano for Sale in MA | Roger's Piano
Schimmel C120 Studio Upright Piano

Schimmel Studio piano for sale in MA available in our ...

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Stahler Professional Upright

Power and beauty is what this piano is all about! ...

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Vogel UP121 Professional Upright Piano

This Vogel UP121 Professional piano is 48″  in height and ...

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Ritmüller UH132R Professional Upright Piano

  UH 132R  |  52″ Studio Upright Piano Ritmuller Premium ...

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Pearl River UP108 Contemporary Console Piano

At 42″ with a sleek design with a nice full ...

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Pearl River EU131 Professional Upright Piano

The Pearl River Model EU-131 is the best value of any ...

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Yamaha U3 Professional Upright Piano

Many customers come to us seeking used pianos. This Yamaha ...

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Pramberger PV121

This 48″ Studio piano boasts a grand sound and sensitive ...

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Fridolin Upright Piano for Sale in MA
Fridolin F121

Fridolin Upright piano for sale available in our piano showroom ...

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Baldwin B243 Piano for Sale in MA
Baldwin B243

Baldwin B243 Piano for sale in MA in our piano ...

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Samick Ebony Neo Digital

Typically, you listen to the music you play with your ...

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Schulze Pollmann Brand Pianos For Sale
Schulze Pollmann Professional Upright

Hand made in Italy, the Schulze Pollmann pianos are known ...

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Schulze Pollmann Piano | Pianos for Sale Massachusetts
Schulze Pollmann Piano 47″ Studio

Schulze Pollmann piano is an Italian handmade piano that has ...

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Schimmel K125 Upright Piano for Sale
Schimmel Model K125 Upright Piano

The 49″ Schimmel Model K125 Professional Upright Piano is the ...

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Schimmel I115 White Studio Piano

The 45″ International Model by Schimmel is one of the ...

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Yamaha DU1A Disklavier Upright

Unlike most Yamaha pianos, this piano is in walnut finish. ...

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Baldwin Professional Upright Piano | BP1
Baldwin BP1 Professional Upright Piano

Baldwin Professional Upright Piano BP1 is a high-quality piano for ...

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Baldwin Hamilton Traditional Piano
Baldwin Hamilton Traditional Studio

This Baldwin Hamilton Traditional Piano 45″ has a wonderful touch ...

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Kawai K15 Upright Piano in Massachusetts
Kawai K15 Upright Piano

The Kawai K15 upright piano is a 43″ continental design ...

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Kawai UST9 Institutional Studio Piano
Kawai UST9 Studio Piano

The Kawai UST9 Studio Piano is one of the most ...

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Kawai K500 Professional Piano for Sale
Kawai K500 Professional Upright Piano

Masterfully crafted by the technicians at Kawai, the Kawai K500 ...

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Kawai K400 Professional Upright Piano

The uniquely practical 48″ Kawai K400 Professional Piano features a ...

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Kawai Professional Upright Piano | K300
Kawai K300 Professional Upright Piano

The K300 48″ Kawai Professional Upright Piano builds upon the ...

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Kawai Studio Upright Piano | K200
Kawai K200 Studio Upright Piano

Kawai Studio Upright Piano, model K200, is 45″ in height ...

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Kawai Designer Studio Pianos | Model 907
Kawai Designer Studio Pianos, model 907

Kawai Designer Studio Pianos, model 907 offers the discerning pianist ...

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Kawai Upright Piano for Sale
Kawai 508 Upright Piano

Kawai Upright piano for sale is available in our piano ...

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Kawai K800 Professional Piano
Kawai K800 Professional Upright Piano

The 53″ Kawai K800 Professional Piano is the epitome of ...

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Kawai CA97 Hybrid Piano for Sale
Kawai CA97 Hybrid Piano

The Kawai CA97 Hybrid Piano is the ultimate piano experience ...

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Kawai CP2 Digital Piano in Massachusetts
Kawai CP2 Digital Piano

Kawai CP2 Digital Piano With the same features as the ...

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Kawai Digital Piano in Massachusetts
Kawai CP3 Digital Piano

Kawai CP3 Digital Piano Kawai digital piano in Massachusetts is ...

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Ritmüller RB
Ritmüller RB

Ritmüller RB – Performance Upright The Ritmüller RB is well ...

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Perzina Upright Piano | Model GP-122
Perzina GP-122

Perzina Upright piano is handcrafted using 90% European components, including ...

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Schimmel Upright Piano
Schimmel 130T Upright Piano

Schimmel is the most awarded German piano manufacturer. Every piano ...

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