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Yamaha Pianos

The authorized Yamaha Pianos Dealer of Massachusetts has a wide choice of new and preowned Yamaha pianos.

At Roger’s Piano, we carry a substantial variety of pre-owned or refurbished YAMAHA pianos for sale. We are often asked by customers about used pianos. In most cases, we recommend new pianos overused pianos. New pianos come with an extensive manufacturer’s warranty. Simply put, they are BRAND NEW.

For any manufacturer to be represented in our showroom, they must demonstrate that they consistently produce quality pianos and that they are committed to excellent customer service. We also seek manufacturers that are involved in research and product development to consistently improve the quality of their products.

The manufacturers on display at Roger’s Piano understand that our customers have the right to choose their favorite piano.

Roger’s Piano works very hard so that our customers will find the piano that best suits their needs and preferences. Our customers are given the opportunity to experience different brands until they are able to find and confirm their absolute best match.

Between 2014 and 2016, Roger’s Piano was an authorized Yamaha Dealer (when the previous Yamaha dealer in the area went out of business). Unfortunately, we found out that Yamaha was not able to meet our decades-long reputation for quality. Even more disturbing, Yamaha was not capable of providing the customer service philosophy Roger’s Piano upholds. Additionally, during the tenure of Roger’s Piano’s Yamaha dealership, Yamaha representatives persistently applied heavy pressure attempting to force Roger’s Piano to discontinue competing brands. Furthermore, Yamaha forbade Roger’s Piano from selling refurbished Yamaha pianos.

For all of the above reasons, Roger’s Piano voluntarily terminated our relationship with Yamaha. (In fact, more than 90% of our customers preferred other brands.)

It has been our experience that Yamaha pianos from the 1970’s to the 1980’s are in every way superior to brand new Yamaha Pianos made today! Pianos from these decades clearly have a better tone and touch as compared to the new Yamaha pianos. Come try them yourself, we have a very large quantity of these pre-owned or refurbished pianos in stock.  These are backed by our extensive warranty and our trade-up policy.

Come find out for yourself why knowledgeable and discerning pianists prefer pre-owned Yamahas or other brands over brand new Yamaha pianos.

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