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Kawai Pianos

Working as a designer and engineer in a piano factory in Hamamatsu, Japan, Koichi Kawai was the first maker of upright piano actions in Japan. In 1927, Koichi Kawai founded the Kawai Piano Company. Today, Kawai has the distinction of being one of the largest piano manufacturers in the world that is still family-owned.

As time has gone on, some Asian manufacturers started to produce other goods for sale, making their interest in piano manufacturing smaller every year.  However, Kawai continues to focus on making pianos. Now the fourth generation of the Kawai family continues to use its resources to improve their pianos, successfully building what are considered some of the best pianos in the world. Kawai has won over 50 international awards for their pianos.

Kawai pianos are used in homes and concert venues on every continent in the world.

A Variety of Kawai Pianos For Sale

At Roger’s Piano, we carry a variety of new and preowned Kawai pianos for sale in our showroom in Natick, MA. Contact us today at 508-545-0766 for more information or to schedule an appointment for a private showing.

Kawai Pianos Brand Pianos

Kawai GL-10
Kawai GL-10 (5′) Baby Grand

Kawai GL-10 The Kawai GL-10 has added new features that ...

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Kawai CN25
Kawai CN27

Kawai’s CN27 The Kawai CN27 is the smaller and economical ...

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Kawai CN35
Kawai CN37

Kawai CN37 The Kawai CN37 offers a wide range of ...

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Kawai CP3 Digital Piano

Kawai CP3 Digital Piano Terrific features, a large color touch ...

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Kawai CP2 Digital Piano

Kawai CP2 Digital Piano With the same features as the ...

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Kawai CP1 Digital Grand Piano

Kawai CP1 Digital Grand Piano There is no instrument like ...

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Kawai CA97
Kawai CA97 Hybrid Piano

The Kawai CA97 Hybrid Piano is the ultimate piano experience ...

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Kawai GX7 Grand Piano

The 7’6″ Kawai GX-7 BLAK speaks with the transcendent character ...

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Kawai GX6 Grand Piano

The 7’0″ Kawai GX-6 BLAK Grand Piano combines exquisite tone ...

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Kawai GX5 Grand Piano

The 6’7″ Kawai GX-5 BLAK Grand Piano is the artist’s ...

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Kawai GX3 Grand Piano

The 6’2″ Kawai  GX-3 BLAK Grand Piano impresses with a dignified elegance ...

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Kawai GX2 Grand Piano

The 5’11” Kawai GX-2 BLAK Grand Piano combines the stately ...

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Kawai GX1 Baby Grand Piano

The 5’5″ Kawai GX1 BLAK Baby Grand Piano offers the professional ...

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Kawai K800 Professional Upright Piano

The 53″ Kawai K-800 Professional Upright Piano is the epitome ...

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Kawai 508 Upright Piano

The Kawai 508 Series Decorator Console Piano is specially designed ...

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Kawai 907 Designer Studio Pianos

The Kawai 907 Designer Studio Pianos offer the discerning pianist ...

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Kawai K200 Studio Upright Piano

The Kawai K200 Studio Upright Piano is 45″ in height ...

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Kawai K400 Professional Upright Piano

The uniquely practical 48″ K-400 Professional Upright features a grand-style ...

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Kawai K500 Professional Upright Piano

Masterfully crafted by the technicians at Kawai, the K500 Professional ...

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Kawai UST9 Studio Piano

The Kawai UST9 Studio Piano is one of the most ...

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Kawai K15 Upright Piano

The Kawai K15 upright piano is a 43″ continental design ...

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