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Fazioli Pianos

Fazioli Pianos For Sale in Massachusetts

Fazioli is one of the leading brands of pianos in the world and we carry a variety of Fazioli pianos.

Fazioli Pianos Models: F156, F278, F212, and F183

In 1981 pianist/engineer and passionate perfectionist, Paolo Fazioli set out to build the absolute best piano possible. Gathering a team of acousticians, engineers, and artists, Fazioli produced only three stunning pianos in his first year. Since that time the Fazioli Pianoforte has built over 1,600 handcrafted pianos and is producing approximately one hundred pianos per year.

Using only the finest materials, the craftsman at Fazioli is building a piano that artists now proclaim to be the best piano available today.

Many innovations have been developed by Fazioli, including multiple types of hardwoods used for the different bridge sections, the fourth pedal for pianissimo tonal control, and unison tuning for nonspeaking string length. The soundboard of the Fazioli Piano is made from the red spruce trees from the Val de Femme region in Europe. This wood is known for its evenness, lightness, and flexible strength making it perfect for amplifying harmonic vibrations and was the wood of choice for Antonio Stradivarius when building his legendary string instruments.

These innovations and many others have given this piano its’ superior reputation that many revere as the finest piano in the world.

Providing a great instrument is the most important value to Fazioi and his philosophy is not skewed by the commercial aspects of the entertainment industry and is best expressed in this statement: “Fazioli refuses to impose limitations on musical artists, convinced that they should have the freedom to choose which instrument to play, based purely on the belief that it is the best vehicle to express their talent. For this reason, Fazioli has always been opposed to signing exclusivity contracts with artists, preferring instead to establish reciprocal partnerships for the sake of upholding artistic standards, which should always take precedence over commercial considerations.”

At Roger’s Piano, we provide a variety of Fazioli pianos for sale in Massachusetts available in our piano showroom in Natick. Contact us to find out more.

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