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August Förster

August Forster pianos for sale in MA available in our piano showroom in Natick.

Since 1859, August Förster is one of the premier piano manufacturers today.  Made in Germany, each August Förster piano is built by highly skilled craftsmen and takes months to complete with outstanding style and quality.  No more than 120 pianos are made each year.

What’s unique about August Förster pianos?  Not only do the pianos have a strong cast iron frame which can withstand the tension of strings of up to 20 tons, but they have also added special back posts for perfect stability for tuning.  Each August Förster piano is individually handcrafted.  To own an August Förster piano means you join a super-elite club of piano owners of these amazing instruments.

At Roger’s Piano, we have beautiful August Forster pianos for sale. You can contact us if you want to find out more information about it.

August Förster Brand Pianos

August Forster Grand Piano for Sale in Manchester
August Forster 190 Grand Piano
Available for Custom Order

August Förster is one of the premier German piano manufacturers. Making ...

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