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Piano Brands in Boston

At Roger’s Piano, we are about offering choices to our customers. We understand every pianist’s preferences in tone and action are different. In addition, everyone’s financial situation is different. No manufacturer can produce pianos that would be “one size fits all”. This is why we display many different lines of pianos, allowing our customers the freedom to choose the most appropriate piano for them.

Roger’s Piano is the authorized dealer for FAZIOLI, Shigeru Kawai, Schimmel, Kawai, Ritmüller, Perzina, Baldwin, Pearl River, Casio, and several others. The manufacturers we represent all support the vision we have – Let the pianist select the most appropriate piano through playing different makes of pianos.

In addition to the different lines of brand new pianos, we have a large selection of pre-owned, reconditioned or rebuilt Steinway, Yamaha and Bosendorfer pianos as they were built with better quality in the past.

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